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Product Description

CZPT bolts, nuts and washers and CZPT in a wide range of inch and metric sizes with different surface treatment and, depending on your application.

YSM bolts are according to DIN, ANSI, BS, JIS, and AS standards.

YSM bolts meet or exceed strength specifications and are made from fine high-grade alloy steel for greater toughness and fracture resistance.

Hot forged for greater strength and heat treated to a minimum tensile strength of 150, 000 S. I. With a core hardness of Rockwell HRC23-42 to provide superior wear resistance.

Track Bolts & Nuts,

Grade form 8.8 to 12.9
Gold heading/hot forging;
The surface is treated with bluing, screw thread has two type description;
One is the metric system: M12-M30, another is denominator system: 1/2-1 1/4

Track bolt and nut
1. CZPT Grade 12.9 Mounting Bolt
2. Case Hardening HRC 38-42
3. Heat Treatment, Phosphating
4. Material: 40CR
5. Certification: ISO9001, ISO14001
6. Size: 20*55, 20*57, 20*65mm
7. Color: Black

8. CZPT & Delivery
Packaging Detail: CZPT pallets
Delivery Detail: Within 15-35days when received the deposits

Product Description
1. CZPT Grade from 8.8 to 12.9;
2. Case Hardening is HRC 23-42;
3. CZPT CZPT nology, Professional Production;
4. CZPT Quality, CZPT Price, CZPT Delivery;
5. Process: Cold heading/hot forging;
6. The surface is treated with bluing, screw thread has two type description;
One is the metric system: M12-M24-6g, another is denominator system: 1/2-1/4–2A.
6. Mechanized production allows big order with high quality;

Material: CZPT steel, carbon steel, copper
Surface Treatment: CZPT steel, carbon steel, copper
Used Fields: CZPT industry:
Used Condition: Wetland and CZPT -wetland CZPT

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