06B Stainless Steel Metric Sprockets


06B Stainless Steel Metric Sprocket

Metric sprockets are a key component in power transmission systems, used to transfer rotational energy from one component to another. They are typically used in conjunction with a chain to transfer power from a driving component, such as a motor or engine, to a driven component, such as a gearbox or machine. In this article, we will go over the key features of metric sprockets, including their introduction, usage method, maintenance, and characteristics.

Metric sprockets are sprockets that are designed and manufactured according to the metric system of measurement. They are available in a range of sizes and tooth configurations, making them suitable for use in a wide variety of applications. Metric sprockets are typically made from high-quality steel, which provides excellent durability and resistance to wear and tear.

06B Stainless Steel Metric Sprocket Parameter:

Sprocket Size
Tooth Count
Weight (kg)
06B13SS 13 39.80mm 43.0mm 28mm 10mm 18mm 25mm 0.13
06B14SS 14 42.80mm 46.3mm 31mm 10mm 20mm 25mm 0.15
06B15SS 15 45.81mm 49.3mm 34mm 10mm 22mm 25mm 0.18
06B16SS 16 48.82mm 52.3mm 37mm 10mm 22mm 28mm 0.24
06B17SS 17 51.83mm 55.3mm 40mm 10mm 25mm 28mm 0.28
06B18SS 18 54.85mm 58.3mm 43mm 10mm 27mm 28mm 0.30
06B19SS 19 57.87mm 61.3mm 45mm 10mm 28mm 28mm 0.35
06B20SS 20 60.89mm 64.3mm 46mm 10mm 29mm 28mm 0.40
06B21SS 21 63.91mm 68.0mm 48mm 12mm 30mm 28mm 0.44
06B22SS 22 66.93mm 71.0mm 50mm 12mm 30mm 28mm 0.47
06B23SS 23 69.95mm 73.5mm 52mm 12mm 32mm 28mm 0.50
06B24SS 24 72.97mm 77.0mm 54mm 12mm 34mm 28mm 0.60
06B25SS 25 76.00mm 80.0mm 57mm 12mm 36mm 28mm 0.60
06B30SS 30 91.12mm 94.7mm 60mm 12mm 38mm 30mm 0.90

Usage Method Of Metric Sprocket:

Metric sprockets are typically used in conjunction with a chain, which is wrapped around the sprocket and engaged with the teeth. The sprocket is mounted onto a shaft, which is connected to the driving component, such as a motor or engine. As the driving component rotates, the chain transfers the rotational energy to the sprocket, causing it to turn as well. This sprocket rotation then drives the driven component, such as a gearbox or machine.



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